Dave Wendlinger Film/Video Production

Some, But Not All The Stuff I Have

***a very basic audio kit can travel in one carry-on sized case

(1) Sound Devices 633 6-Channel, 10 track field audio mixer w/ digital recorder

(1) Sound Devices MixPre 3, tiny 3 channel, 5 track field recorder
(1) Sound Devices 552 5-Channel field audio mixer w/ 2 track digital recorder

(1) Sound Devices 744t timecode 4 track digital recorder
(1) Sound Devices 442 4-Channel field audio mixer
(1) PSC M4 MKII 4-Channel field audio mixer
(1) Sound Devices 302 3-Channel field audio mixer

(2) Sonotrim Lav Mics

(5) OST 802 Lav Mics
(7) Countryman B6 Lav Mics

(2) Mickey Mike Lav Mics
(4) Sanken COS-11 Lav Mics
(1) Sennheiser ME-104 Directional Lav Mic
(3) Lectrosonics M-150 lav Mics
(1) Rode Pin Mic
(1) Schoeps CMC6/MK-41 Hypercardioid Mic
(2) Sanken CS3-e Short Shotgun Mics
(1) Oktava MC 012 Microphone w/ 3 capsules (Can be rigged as part of a stereo mic)
(1) Sennheiser mkh 816 super long Mic w/full Rycote rig
        Other Microphones
(3) Sanken CUB-01 boundary Mics

(2) Peter Engh 0G.5 “Omnigoose” Mics (used for car rigs/plant mikes/podium)

(2) Peter Engh OmniBox boundary Mics (used for car rigs/plant mikes/podium)
(1) Sennheiser E 815s Handheld Mic w/ on/off switch
(1) Electro-Voice  RE50b Handheld Mic
(1) Push to talk desktop gooseneck Mic (for director talkback)
(4) Audio-Technica headworn Mics
(4) AKG super cardioid handheld Mics

(2) Sennheiser MD-46 cardioid long handheld Mics, built for mic flags

Various other handheld Mics
(1) Hydrophone/contact Mic

Wireless (9 total)

(2) Lectrosonics SMWB Transmitters -  block A1 (470, 19, 20)

(1) Lectrosonics SRC Receiver -  block A1 (470, 19, 20)
(1) Lectrosonics SRb-P dual system receiver block 21
(1) Lectrosonics SRb dual system receiver block 19
(2) Lectrosonics 400a transmitter block 19
(1) Lectrosonics SMv tiny transmitter block 19
(1) Lectrosonics 411a receiver block 22
(1) Lectrosonics 400a transmitter block 22
(3) Lectrosonics 200C Wireless Transmitters block 21
(2) Lectrosonics 201D Receivers block 21
(1) Lectrosonics 210D Receiver block 21
(1) Lectrosonics UH400a Plug-On Wireless Transmitter block 21
(1) Lectrosonics 211a receiver block 28 (not for use in USA)
(1) Lectrosonics 250 hi-power transmitter block 28 (not for use in USA)

(2) Sennheiser EW 100 G3 transmitter/receiver sets (Freq A) for camera hop

(1) Sony UTX-B03/URX-P03 wireless channel Sony blocks 30-36, 38-41

(1) Comtek PR 216 digital transmitter

(10) Listen Tech 216 digital receivers

(1) Listen Tech 216 digital transmitter

(4) Comtek M72 72 mHz Transmitters (can be set up to provide audio monitoring; wireless one-way director talkback to camera operators or talent; live wireless language translation, etc.)
Up to 19 total 72mHz receivers w/ various headphones and earpieces on various frequencies
(1) Comtek NTC-102 transductor neck loop and Comtek earwig for nearly invisible wireless talent cueing

     Wireless Accessories
(1) Lectrosonics ALP620 skeleton Shark Fin antenna

(1) PSC skeleton Shark Fin antenna
(1) Lectrosonics SNA600 folding dipole antenna
(2) generic Shark Fin antennae
(1) Comtek 72 mHz Phase Right antenna

(1) Shure UA845-SWB AC powered antennae distribution system
(1) Shure FP22 headphone amplifier 
(1) Shure FP11 headphone amplifier

(2) PSC RF Multi powered distribution amps

(2) Mini-Circuits 4-way passive distribution amps

(1) Lectro 3 place UCR411a Rack Mount

(1) VdB Extra Large Boom Pole (max 18’4”)
(1) VdB Large Boom Pole (max 12’10”)
(1) VdB Medium Boom Pole (max 9’)
(1) K-tek KE-79CC Traveler Boom Pole (max 6’7”)

(6) Sony V6/7506 Headphones
(1) Etymotics ER6 earbuds
(1) GK-Music Ultraphones passive ambient sound-isolating headphones
(9) Behringer headphones w/ 2 amplifiers
(7) Samson headphones w/ 2 amplifiers
(1) Remote Audio Speakeasy v2 - battery powered speaker
(1) Fostex 6301 BEav AC speaker
(1) Anchor AN-mini - battery powered mini speaker
(1) Anchor AN-1000x - AC powered mini speaker

(1) Rycote Windscreen and Softie for Schoeps/Oktava/stereo rig
(2) Rycote Windscreens and (2) Softies, (1) Rainman for Sanken CS3e
(1) Rycote Windscreen for Sennheiser MKH 816 

Timecode Accessories
(1) Denecke TS-3 timecode slate
(1) Denecke TS-C compact timecode slate
(1) Denecke SB-T tri-level Lock-it box
(1) Denecke SB-3 Lock-it box
(1) Mozegear  Q28 BNC Mini Lock-it box

(6) Tentacle Sync tiny Lock-it boxes
(2) Katamount Scriptlinc wireless Timecode reader/clipboards (ScriptBoys)

(1) Microframe pocket sized timecode reader/display/Lock-it box

Recorders (for transcriptions/audio backup/talent cueing/separate recording 
(3) Tascam DR-10CS micro digital recorder/wireless transmitter backup
(1) Edirol R-09 Digital Flash Recorder
(1) Sony PCM M1 DAT recorder (old school)
(1) Sony WM-D3 audio cassette recorder (really old school)
(1) Sony ICD-B500 IC Recorder (for ear bug setup/talent cueing)
(1) Panasonic RR-QR240 IC Recorder (for ear bug setup /talent cueing)
(1) Sony M-570V mini-cassette Recorder (for ear bug setup /talent cueing)

Walkies/Wireless Communication
(4) Midland walkies with surveillance headsets (stated 28 mile range on a very good day, maybe on the moon -  your results may vary)

(1) pair of Eartec UltraLite hands-free headsets

(1) IDX JL-2 NP-1 Battery Charger

(1) IDX JL-4 NP-1 4 place Battery Charger
(5) IDX NP-1 LiOn Batteries
Rechargeable 9 volt batts, AAs, AAAs for wireless, Comteks, etc.

(1) Magliner Gemini Jr. cart w/2 shelves and custom mods
(1) PSC Upright Location Sound Cart
(1) Rock n' Roller large cart
(1) Rock n' Roller small cart

(1) Super Small Footprint Rolling stand with mixer shelf and boompole holder
(1) Zuca very small cart w/ shelf

(1) 2 wheel Tipke Fold-it aluminum cart for off-road shoots

(1) 4 wheel collapsible cart with balloon tires for beach shoots

Accessories/Other stuff

​(1) Tilta Nano single channel wireless follow focus

(1) Black Magic video capture card

(1) Ice cube sized SDI 720p surveillance camera

(1) Laptop data wrangling station
(1) 7 inch 720p Lilliput HDMI/SDI monitor w/ loop thru
(1) 7 inch SmallHD 702 Bright HD monitor
(1) 13 inch SmallHD 1303HDR Very Bright HD monitor

(1) DJI Osmo stabilizer w/ X3 4K camera - Can be used handheld, rigged or attached to a pole for jib-like shots

(1) DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter w/X3 4K camera - can be used either single or double operator, wired 2nd monitor

(1) DJI Phantom 3 Pro - 4k UAV quadcopter with wired 2nd monitor

(1) DJI Mavic Pro - very packable 4K UAV quadcopter, wireless 2nd monitor

(1) Universal DSLR camera cage and shoulder rig
(1) 4 station Bell and Light system w/ remote
(2) 6 station rotating red LED light warning systems w/ remotes
(1) Blackout Boom Person robe

Assorted Grip Gear - Camera/Sound/Product rigging packages (Car Mounts)
Complete Camera Assistant Package 
Data Wrangling Kit w/ laptop, uninterrupted power supply
Over 100 worldwide electrical plug adapters, transformers and 500 watt voltage regulator
Complete HD time-lapse/intervalometer still camera kit
Enough stuff and cases to work in just about any sort of environment​